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For questions regarding Britain's exit from the European Union, popularly termed 'Brexit'. Use with the [united-kingdom] and [european-union] tags, depending on which parties your question refers to.

It's not primarily about the amount of money, although the amount is very non-neglegible as well. Consider that although not all EU countries contribute the same to the overall budget, it is neverthel …
answered Aug 31 '17 by Damon
No. The UK House of Commons voted 461 to 89 on December 7, 2016. Which satisfies the "in accordance with its own constitutional requirements" part of Article 50. Whatever whoever said or did (or whe …
answered May 31 by Damon
a say in the internals of a country, which would be quite perverse, too, if it did. It doesn't say that the leaving country has any obligations. It doesn't say that UK can actually revoke the Brexit … referendum. A deal would probably be preferrable for some industry stakeholders, but a hard Brexit really is indeed not so bad (not for the EU at least) at all as long as it just finally happens …
answered Mar 14 by Damon
Closely related to: What would be the subject of a second Brexit Referendum? Currently, there is discussion about a possible second referendum fueled by Labour, and there seems to be the publicly … abyss, but the remaining states have as well. Even assuming it was technically possible to simply stop Brexit now, it couldn't possibly work that way practically, since it would serve as a precedent …
asked Sep 26 '18 by Damon
has not revoked Brexit until then, it means that UK is out, no deal, end of story. That is what currently matters. Everything else is just talk. While the EU parliament has stated that they are …
answered Sep 20 by Damon