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This question answers itself. " it's the Liberal Leader who is typically the Coalition's candidate for Prime Minister" Just because it is typical doesn't mean that it must always be so. This is an internal decision for the Coalition to make that it can change as it sees fit in the future if the circumstances warrant it.


The deal fell through. The Australian Financial Review stated in 2020 that In 2014 while attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Mr Forrest hailed a deal with the Pakistani state of Punjab as a pathway to freeing 2.5 million people from modern slavery. The deal involved providing Australian technology touted as being able to convert ...


If by "provincial" you include county level in the UK, then there are several county councils with "Independent" as the largest or second largest group. As an example, the Isle of Wight has Party Number of councillors Conservative 18 Independent 13 Island Independent Network 2 Other 6 In 2021 the votes of the non-Conservative ...

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