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Why would being "almost the end of the second quarter for fundraising" be a reason for US presidential candidates not being "out there quite as much"?

The most efficient way to deploy a candidate to boost donations is to target high dollar donors. A retail campaign stop is great for attracting votes but it isn't going to raise a lot of money for ...
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Preventing fraud by a candidate

Just looking at the rules for the House of representatives, there are very few restrictions on candidates. They need to be 25 years old, US citizens and inhabitants of the state they wish to represent....
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Was there an official campaign button printed and circulated with the DeSantis name and the likenesses of both Ron DeSantis and Ronald Reagan?

While it's hard to prove a negative, it seems unlikely that this is an "official campaign" product. The text on the badge seems to read "Draft Gov Ron DeSantis 2024". This is a ...
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Preventing fraud by a candidate

(I'll start with the case of George Santos because that limits it to a specific office and a specific accusation of misbehaving. I'll deal with other offices later but those are mostly kept brief ...
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Preventing fraud by a candidate

What are the laws, regulations, procedures, etc., concerning a candidate lying about their own resume/CV and their qualifications for the position they are campaigning for and/or have been elected to? ...
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