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What is the current stance of the Greek ΣΥΡΙΖΑ government on CETA?

The Greek government back it now. It doesn't go into detail but says the EU now has “a framework of safeguards that will protect the European acquis and take into account of the concerns of ...
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If the UK were under a trade agreement like the CETA with the EU, would EDF have the possibility to sue the UK government over Hinkley Point?

There are lots of different implementations of Investor-state dispute settlement agreements. The exact terms are a matter of negotiation. But usually: They are only valid for foreign investors. They ...
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What are the regional legislative parliaments in the EU that can veto treaties such as CETA, TTIP, or (later) the Brexit agreement?

The ratification involves, as you've cited correctly, only national parliaments. Indeed are there only 27/28 member states (post/pre-Brexit respectively), but the total number of parliaments that have ...
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Do TTIP and CETA ratification in The Netherlands require primary legislation that can be subject to a consultative referendum?

Virtually all treaties in the Netherlands have to be approved by Parliament, although often a silent procedure is followed in which the treaty is deemed to have approval if no request for a ...
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