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Why is "president for life" in China such a big deal?

Putin is de facto leader for more than 3 mandates (not much big difference from "for life") and I do not remember to be illustrated so harshly Consider revisiting your news sources somewhat. There ...
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"Communism in the Soviet Union, China, etc., wasn't real communism" - is that true?

Its mostly a matter of definition. Communism was supposed to bring about a better, more rational world in both Russia and China. Marx theorised that once the dead hand of capitalist exploitation was ...
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Why are the United States government as well as many others supporting Taiwanese sovereignty despite their own anti secession laws?

I'm from Taiwan, so I'll answer with some local perspective. There is a law on the books that says if Taiwan does not bend diplomatically they will try to make it part of China by force. The first ...
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Why does PRC devalue its currency on purpose, but Turkey is worried about the devaluation of its currency?

Trade surplus/deficit Devaluing one's currency means mostly one thing: It becomes more expensive to import products from abroad, while one's own products become comparably cheaper to buy on the world ...
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Why didn't Thatcher give Hong Kong to Taiwan?

Other than the reasons of practicality mentioned, there is also the issue of international laws and treaties, specifically on the issue of "successor states." There definitely was some debate, as the ...
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What will happen if China stops loaning money to the U.S.?

There are some assumptions being made by this question that don't reflect how the international economic order works. Countries do not ever have to pay off all of their debt A nation's finances are ...
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Why is China interested in supporting the Taliban?

One reason is that China is investing a significant amount in trying to build a land corridor through Pakistan to access ports in the Indian ocean as part of their belt and road initiative. China is ...
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Why does China have so few nuclear weapons?

"Only 250"? That's plenty for their purposes. Nukes are meant to be seen, not heard. Even if the US could intercept 99/100 missiles, having 250 means china can deliver a devastating enough attack ...
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Can I (a random person in the world) be prosecuted under the new Hong Kong security law?

How far applicable the law of a country is is decided by the law of that country. If other countries disagree, they can obviously decline to assist in the enforcement of those laws, and disallow the ...
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Why is the United States voluntarily funding the World Health Organization 60 times more than China?

Partial frame challenge if you like. Fox News has chosen an interesting year to highlight. As you can see, US voluntary contributions have varied a lot; only $112 million in 2011 (and similar in 2014) ...
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Why is the lab leak theory of Covid discussed so prominently?

The question about why would random, unidentified people make the difference seems to be off-topic here. AFAICT, civil defense protocols make no difference depending on the origin of bio hazard. ...
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Why is China regulating religion?

I would take a somewhat less cynical view than @JamesK, who frames the matter as a Machiavellian motivated action in his answer, rather than as a legitimate ideological stance and policy with ...
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Could China's actions in Xinjiang be classified as genocide?

Genocide Defined The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the international law defining the crime of genocide) says that genocide is: In the present Convention, ...
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Why is China regulating religion?

The Church is a source of authority other than the Communist Party of China. One of the basic principles of the PRC, even as it moves from war to peace and from Cultural Revolution to Xi Jinping ...
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What is the political justification by China and India for not participating in the sanctions against Russia?

First, please understand that China and India are sovereign nations, not in the EU, not in NATO. They do not need to take a position. Just because you say they do does not make it so. * Having said ...
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Why must Chinese maps be obfuscated?

Just to clarify, this isn't at all like the GPS Selective Availability case where bits were unavailable unless you knew the key. The Chinese don't have their own GPS satellites (duh) setting these ...
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Would Taiwan and China's dispute be solved if Taiwan gave up being the Republic of China?

No, dropping the ROC name makes the situation worse as the PRC claims that China is indivisible and that the island of Taiwan is part of China. Hence, the usual threat is that they will launch an ...
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Why is China interested in Socotra Rock?

The Chinese government has spent the last decade and more very actively pursuing the extension of their territorial waters into what is commonly accepted to be international waters, or even the ...
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Have the US or Chinese governments indicated a point at which they would invade North Korea?

But where exactly is the line North Korea must cross? Line setting is generally acknowledged as a bad idea. For example, Barack Obama set a red line in Syria about chemical weapons. Then they used ...
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What are the objectives of the TikTok ban?

TikTok doesn't take just your location data, it also takes your clipboard. Everything you copy/paste while TikTok is open, even if it's only open in the background, is sent to their servers. So ...
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Has any country's government concluded they need more decentralization to fight Covid-19 or future pandemics?

Arguably, the United States of America has. Sort of. It's confusing. The federal government, or rather the president and some of his cabinet, has largely left the response up to individual states. It'...
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What is the significance of Sec. Pompeo's labeling of China's treatment of the Uighurs as "genocide"?

The USA has signed (in 1948) and ratified (in 1988) the UN Convention on Genocide - one of the founding declarations of the UN in 1948. The convention commits its signatories to the following ...
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How does the USA know that the balloon they shot down was Chinese?

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released several statements saying that it's from China, they know its capabilities and purpose, and that they regret letting it enter US airspace. All in all, ...
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What factors result in the West being more accepting of India's neutrality over the Ukraine war than China's?

Realpolitik wrt China likely motivates Western forbearance towards India. Long term, Russia is not, really, an existential problem to the West in general (of course, Russia's aggression is a ...
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53 votes

Why did China target Australia for economic sanctions?

It's because they previously saw Australia as a weak link in the Western democratic alliance, and are not happy that they are now firmly siding with the U.S. and other Five Eyes. Australia has long ...
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Has China ever clearly stated that it would invade Taiwan if it declares independence?

And inevitably, immediately after posting my question, I stumbled onto the full English text of China's Anti-Secession Law of 2015 (反分裂国家法). Article 8 reads: In the event that the "Taiwan ...
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Why is China worried about population decline?

A rapid population decline due to low birth rates leads to the situation where you eventually have a lot of old people, and very few young ones. This in turn can mean that either old people can't ...
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Why is China primarily targeting the Uyghurs with their internment camps?

The question you added in comments I think is more specifically interesting; We mostly know why the CCP does what it does in Xinjiang (GC Campbell comment), but following that logic, it would do the ...
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Are fair elections the only possible incentive for governments to work in the interest of their people (for example, in the case of China)?

The CCP is in a strange position. They are nominally Communist, but they've largely jettisoned its economic prescriptions (because they don't work). They're a one-party state (more or less ...
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Why has China chosen the Chengdu consulate specifically to be closed down?

The US had five(now four) consulates in China: Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan. The United States also has an embassy in Beijing. They all have their own consular/embassy district, just ...
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