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Just as a "total coincidence", China has just released two Canadians the day after: Beijing denies detaining the Canadians in retaliation for Ms Meng's arrest. But critics have accused China of using them as political bargaining chips. The two men had maintained their innocence throughout. At a news conference, Canadian Prime Minister Justin ...


The US Department of Justice dropped its extradition request for her. This followed a deal between the US, Canadian and Chinese governments and Ms Meng's lawyers. With no extradition request, Canada has no legal basis on which to detain her. The public part of the deal is: Ms Meng agrees to follow certain instructions set by the US court. The court defers ...


Perhaps also, consider the action of Spain. To quote a source: 1898 21 April Spain expelled the United States' ambassador and recalled its diplomats from Washington. 23 April U.S. declared war on Spain... Albeit, technically an expulsion which, per a source is described as, to quote: Under Article 9 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a ...


In 1938, Germany recalled its ambassador to the US in response to escalating tensions and the US doing the same to Germany. In 1941, Germany broke off diplomatic relations completely as part of a declaration of war.

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