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Why is the Trump Administration often labeled as anti-science?

Evidence That Trump Is Anti-Science There is plenty of evidence that the Trump administration is anti-science. For example: One of his first acts in office was to place a gag order on federal ...
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Why is President Trump making such a big deal about fake news, and specifically targeting reputable organizations like The New York Times and CNN?

TL;DR I have been as bi-partisan as possible. President Trump is attempting to discredit the media as they attempt to expose aspects of his administration they find worthy of journalism. Some may be ...
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Why is Trump dubbing COVID-19 as the "Chinese virus" considered offensive, while many past epidemics have had similar naming schemes?

Let's appreciate the learning curve. The problem with all of those historical names is that they created sharp spikes in prejudice, social ostracism, and violence against the indicated groups, and ...
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Why won't Donald Trump do something about "fake news"?

Because of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the ...
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Is President Trump right that there was violence on "both sides" in Charlottesville?

Bottom Line Up Front Yes, there was violence perpetrated by both AntiFa and the White Supremacists. Ben Shapiro's show the day after properly highlights the violence on each side (specific parts ...
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Is it true that "Trump did not have a serious opportunity to offer his side of the story" in the House impeachment proceedings?

Absolutely Not – the White House had ample opportunities to present a defense The House Judiciary Committee gave The White House the opportunity to present a public defense from either Trump or his ...
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Why aren't Republicans more focused on mobilizing a movement towards 'dethroning' Trump?

Because polling data and Trump's approval rating do not tell the whole story. As right-wing political commentator Ben Shapiro is fond of saying, two things can be true at once: It's entirely ...
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What are Trump's incentives for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement?

Culture. In the US denial of climate science has been turned into part of the 'culture wars'. As such it is part of identity of many on the political right to decry global warming as a left-wing ...
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What is the point of impeaching Trump?

"What is accomplished" depends on whether you look at impeachment as a process that is strictly evaluated on partisan political gain, or whether you view it under its intended framework - as a tool ...
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What is the rationale behind Angela Merkel's criticism of Donald Trump's ban on Twitter?

While Germany does promote free speech, same as the USA does, their free speech means something different: False information is not an object worthy of protection from the viewpoint of freedom of ...
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Why is Trump's omission of an explicit mention of Jews from the holocaust memorial a big deal?

Antisemitism was central to the Holocaust, the reason for which was the desire to exterminate all Jews. To not acknowledge that fact when remembering the Holocaust is at least careless and it sends ...
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Why is Trump releasing (or not) his tax returns such a big deal?

There's a whole wikipedia article on the topic. In a nutshell, he has been the first major party nominee since 1976 not to make his tax returns public. And he did not release them in spite of ...
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Why do some people take issue with kneeling during the anthem in US?

The answer to "what is wrong with kneeling" is symbolism. And more specifically, the question shouldn't be "what is wrong with kneeling" but instead "why do many people see it as wrong"; since there's ...
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How do Trump's public statements make DOJ's job impossible?

The difficulty here is that Trump refuses to make a distinction between when he is expressing his opinion as a private citizen and when he is expressing his opinion as the highest public official. ...
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How did Trump's January 6 speech call for insurrection and violence?

The article of impeachment introduced by Democrats in the House on January 11th specifically mentions parts of President Trump's January 6th speech (emphasis mine): Shortly before the Joint Session ...
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What does it actually mean for the Republicans to have lost the House of Representatives?

The majority party in the House of Representatives gets to appoint the Chairman of every sub-committee in the House, there are many of these. These chairmen are all Republicans, but will soon all be ...
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What benefit does the USA gain when it withdraws from WHO?

What the US would gain is unclear, besides saving some contribution money. What Trump gains is turning the narrative away from criticism of his leadership with regards to the Covid crisis and ...
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What could Trump hope to gain from a *second* Georgia "recount"?

It is highly unlikely that a recount will give Trump a chance to win the election. Recounts just don't move number of votes enough to change an election where Biden had such a raw lead over Trump. It'...
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Is the Senate Compelled to Acquit Trump?

Impeachment is a political act. There is no crime so heinous for which members of either house could be found criminally or civilly liable for voting no on impeachment. There is also nothing so pure ...
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Why was President Trump heavily criticized for congratulating Putin on winning the election?

After the Crimea annexation, the social media trolling during the US election and the recent Skripal incident, the public image of the Russian government in the western world turned from bad to worse. ...
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If Russia hacked the 2016 election, how or why can we proceed with inaugurating Trump?

Russian Hacks Technically, the US intelligence didn't claim that the Russians hacked the election itself. What they claimed was that the Russians ran a campaign to "undermine public faith in the ...
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Why is the fact that Ukraine President Zelenskyy publicly stated that Trump didn't pressure him whatsoever being ignored?

I wouldn't necessarily say that the mainstream media is ignoring Zelensky's statement. (NY Times, Washington Post analysis, Fox News). However, he made the statement at the end of September, and it'...
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Have any other US presidents used that tiny table?

That's known as a "signing table". Trump himself has used it before in 2017, and even joked about it himself. Or at least the audience laughed at his comments. While the seal seems to be a ...
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How did Trump's January 6 speech call for insurrection and violence?

"Incitement" is not the same as "openly calling for". Impeachment uses the dictionary definition of Incitement, not the legal definition (which is a very high bar to meet - video). ...
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Why hasn't the US political system taken recourse against Trump for his politically motivated firings?

No one has attempted to "rein in or remove the President" because he has not been found to have done anything illegal. These "politically motivated sackings" were not of elected ...
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Is there a way to block an elected President from entering office?

As of today (November 9th), the United States have not yet elected a president. They have elected an electoral college, which will elect a president on December 19th. Theoretically the electors could ...
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Why did Trump's "rally 'round the flag" effect evaporate so quickly?

First, the "Rally 'round the Flag" effect is misnamed. These aren't really moments of patriotism. These are moments in which people wake up and realize they are facing a collective threat, something ...
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Why does Donald Trump wield influence over Republican Congressmen & Senators?

It's worth pointing out that Trump is not a 'leader' in the normal, political sense of the term, and his power doesn't lie in typical sociopolitical authority. Trump is (to borrow someone else's ...
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How much influence has Donald Trump had on current efforts to improve relations with North Korea?

According to South Korea's National Security Chief, Chung Eui-yong, speaking to the press after a meeting about North Korea with President Trump on March 08, 2018: "I explained to President Trump ...
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