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Another thing he can do is to reduce the cost of manufacturing in America, by drastically reducing the regulatory load of businesses. The high regulatory costs are part of the reason a lot of manufacturing was relocated overseas, so reducing it can play a part in bringing it back.


Not to contradict the other answers but to add: Along with the return to the mean James K. mentions in his answer, there are, maybe surprisingly, legitimate reasons a person, of any ethnicity, could have decided to support Trump by seeing his actions in office (I'm hard pressed to say many would have changed opinion by listening to him). I say this as there ...


Radio host Thom Hartmann has been going on for quite a while about how the change in Hispanic vote is due to the rise of conservative Spanish radio. From a talk-radio article in the Nation (which he refers to later): Even worse, entirely below Democrats’ radar, conservative Spanish-language programming is exploding across Texas and Florida, where Trump ...


First thing to note is that while there was a swing towards Trump in 2020, Biden still won a majority of the Latino (and Latina) vote. One reason for the swing was rebalancing. Support for Trump among Hispanic voters was exceptionally low in 2016. Simple elasticity and "reverting to the mean" would produce a swing toward Trump. In an election ...

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