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In the beginning Trump would have hoped to overturn the vote in Georgia as a component of his route to the white house in 2020. However, his motive as of this moment in time are likely that he believes being seen to back down\concede the count will make him look weak in the eyes of his base, and thus reduce his chances of a nomination\victory in 2024.


Does it entitle the holder to discount rates at one of his hotels? That would probably be illegal. If someone gives $45 to a PAC, and then a corporation gives that person a $45 discount for their product or services, in effect the corporation is donating $45 to the PAC. Campaign contribution laws have provisions dealing with such straw contributions. Even ...


No, there are no benefits attached to such cards. Giving out cards to donors is a common fundraising tactic for political candidates. “Membership” simply means that you have made a donation and contributed to the campaign. Together with campaign merchandise, it’s often used to attract supporters to donate to their campaign and become a “card-carrying member”....


The term 'conservative' refers to the idea that there are certain values within established, status quo society that need to be conserved: protected from change, degradation, or destruction. Liberalism is generally focused on the onward march of progress, the ways that society (ostensibly) can be changed for the better. Conservatism picks out elements of ...

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