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Who are the "international observers" at elections to determine if they are free and fair?

In Europe and some areas beyond it, it is often the OSCE. The OSCE consists of many different states, and it has worked a long time to establish their reputation. It usually finds suggestions for ...
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Has an American president's administration ever requested the military to investigate political views of soldiers?

You're confusing "party loyalty standards" with identifying any would be terrorists. Neo nazis got e.g. purged from the German special forces last year. These things are not unheard of in ...
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Have Republicans or others elaborated concretely why (some) election security bills would be partisan?

Some reasons given in are: The bill provides money for new paper based ballot systems but requires that the paper ballots be ...
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Is the postponement of the release of the Intelligence Security Committee’s report on Russian interference in UK elections abnormal?

No, it is not normal. The Government provided two examples of previous reports that each happened to take (A) ten days for the Government to confirm were OK to publish and (B) six weeks for ...
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Why are some Senators so insistent on using unanimous resolution to pass election security bills?

Recently, Mitch McConnell was the only senator to stop two unanimous resolutions on election security: This is not quite correct. McConnell was the Senator who objected. This does not mean that he ...
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Is there any chance results for the 2016 US presidential election have been tampered with?

A number of articles published before the election explored the possibility of hacking. An Ars Technica article explained a number of voting machines had known vulnerabilities to hacking, but they ...
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Have any countries used blockchain voting in elections?

Sort of. There have been a few trials, the most prominent of which was the usage by the state of West Virginia in the 2018 midterm elections, which saw 144 overseas voters vote using a phone app which ...
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Election reform

In much of the world, the common people fought long and hard not to be governed by kings and nobles. A principle and rallying call was "one man, one vote" (this was before women's franchise became ...
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Who are the "international observers" at elections to determine if they are free and fair?

Standards of democratic conduct have been improved considerably. By 2000 or so, it was reported that 80% of elections are to have been observed by a non-partisan. CANADEM is one international NGO (Non-...
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What is the source that the media outlets use for reporting the counted votes and % reporting?

The vote count is taken from the tally, after it is reported (e.g. at the precinct level). As the New York Times wrote about the first results being skewed: But the initial skew in a state’s results ...
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What are the findings of the ISC report into Russian interference in UK politics?

TL;DR - No more than existing, publicly available documents already show Russian interference in UK democracy. Brief mention is made of the Scottish Independence referendum (pg 13) in that, "...
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