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Can large loans be used by companies to circumvent political contribution laws in the United States?

In theory, no, loans from companies (other than banks) cannot plausibly be used like that because they immediately count against the (direct) contribution limit. The FEC says: A loan from a person or ...
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Is Ted Hickman right that he should've won his election in 2018?

should've won his election He, and maybe you too, might be expressing some seriously wishful thinking: Ted Hickman was defeated for Dixon City Council District 2 by the city’s planning commissioner, ...
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Why does Colombia close its borders the day of the elections?

This is because the government party and politicians think that it is possible for people in the nearest countries to come to vote for the opposition party (since is possible for many of their ...
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What were the key factors that led to Truss being a finalist in the MPs vote and then winning the popular party vote, in the UK?

Finalist among MPs Right-wing MPs coalesced around Truss after the other candidates from the right-wing (Braverman, Badenoch, Mordaunt & Zahawi) were eliminated. Each of these candidates (as well ...
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Can Zelenskyy postpone the next Ukrainian election indefinitely due to war?

To compliment the answer by @CDJB: Ukraine introduced martial law after the Kerch incident in November 2018, and there was speculation at that time that the then president Petro Poroshenko was going ...
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Can Zelenskyy postpone the next Ukrainian election indefinitely due to war?

Yes, but not without the approval of the Ukrainian Parliament. According to Article 19 of Law No. 389-VIII of 12.05.2015, the following actions are prohibited while Ukraine is in a period of martial ...
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