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First of all, it's a standard sales pitch/fundraising tactics. No different from "Buy this XYZ service ASAP while this wonderful offer is in effect" or "Urgently pounce on this while the supplies last!!!". Not really special to politics. It stems from basic psychology - people are more likely to commit to a choice if they see a deadline. Second, the ...


The FEC is meant to be a bipartisan body, meaning there should be an equal number of Democrats as Republicans. It is therefore customary for the President to work with the opposite party to ensure that this bipartisanship is maintained. The last few appointments to the FEC have been in pairs, with one Democrat and one Republican being confirmed at roughly ...


The deadline is like a football game's halftime score, and it makes the almighty dollar the yardstick for measuring a candidate's campaign strength. It's like saying, "Whichever team's ahead at halftime is the team that should win the game." The FEC deadline simplifies choices for lazy minds that aren't really paying much attention to the political race in ...


It is in Eastern Time (EST). From the official FEC website: Electronic Filing Reports filed electronically must be received and validated by the Commission by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the filing deadline.

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