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What is "proportionate response" in international relations?

The concept of proportionality has existed for a very long time the Code of Hammurabi is famous for "an eye for an eye" that establishes proportionality for punishment of a crime. Applying ...
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How could the US benefit from replacing strategic ambiguity with the proposed "Dual Clarity Toward Taiwan"? In what ways constrained or foiled?

Strategic ambiguity was a tool for the US to support Taiwan without committing to a kind of defense treaty (if they say they will support Taiwan then they actually have to in case of a conflict or the ...
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Why did Switzerland de facto abandon their neutrality?

Have the Swiss abandoned neutrality? To answer this question, we must understand what Swiss neutrality means. A first important distinction is between neutrality as a matter of international law, and ...
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Why did Switzerland de facto abandon their neutrality?

If they wanted to remain 100% neutral. They don't. They make it quite clear in your linked press release that they do not consider this to be a symmetric conflict in which both sides are equally ...
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Why did Switzerland de facto abandon their neutrality?

First, the Swiss government differentiates between neutrality and impartiality (March 2022 white paper): Neutrality is a behaviour in an international armed conflict, not a stance on specific issues. ...
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Can defense acquisitions by countries be kept secret?

The Pentagon over the years has secretly acquired Soviet equipment as part of a clandestine program. Now these weapons are going to Ukraine. These weapons are decades old and were obtained by the U.S. ...
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