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What's the explanation behind Obama's joke about Bernie Sanders?

The joke is referencing Sanders fundraising strategy. His campaign targeted small donors, and managed to raise an unprecedented amount from online contributions. 27$ is a reference to the average ...
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Are there any benefits to owning a Trump Card?

No, there are no benefits attached to such cards. Giving out cards to donors is a common fundraising tactic for political candidates. “Membership” simply means that you have made a donation and ...
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Are there any benefits to owning a Trump Card?

Does it entitle the holder to discount rates at one of his hotels? That would probably be illegal. If someone gives $45 to a PAC, and then a corporation gives that person a $45 discount for their ...
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If I were to lose an election for federal office, what can I do with my leftover campaign money?

Source: Open Secrets Let it sit You can let the money sit in the campaign coffers. Later, when you run for another office, you can either use the same campaign organization or transfer the money ...
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What's the explanation behind Obama's joke about Bernie Sanders?

Yannis was technically right, but his answer doesn’t broach American culture, and culture is the framework for humor; hence why the Frenchman posed the question. $27 is a popular punchline for the ...
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Anonymous donation regulations from the Federal Election Commission

The majority of the burden for record keeping falls on the campaign committee, under the auspices of the campaign treasurer, but the ultimate responsibility is with the candidate and the donor. You, ...
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Local campaign norms?

That depends entirely on the country in question. In my experience, most candidates for local office keep their 'day' job and campaign in their 'spare' time. A typical job is roughly 40 hours per ...
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In US campaign fundraising email, are the "matches" used to encourage giving actually real?

If you already have wealthy donors making donations, it's not unusual that a donor will offer to provide matching donations. So it's almost certainly true that, if they claim a donor is providing $x ...
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How to donate to most likely minor party congressional candidate in the US?

You can check out Unite America at Unite America According to their page Unite America is the only organization in the country building the grassroots community, donor network, and electoral ...
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