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How would one country purchase another?

The question rightfully points out the democratic issues in such a process. It's worth mentioning that the concept of a territory transaction between two countries is quite out of date under modern ...
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How would one country purchase another?

Rather than focus on Greenland, it may be helpful to focus on a previous case where the US purchased a significant piece of land from another country. A nice example is the Alaska Purchase. From the ...
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How would one country purchase another?

If both Greenland and Denmark agree to the deal, then the matter would be simple. Simply transfer Greenland to USA, like it happened with the Dansk Vestindien/Virgin Islands. But even without Denmark'...
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What are the geopolitical reasons for the United States wanting to buy Greenland?

Well, it's kind of simple, actually. In fact, you provided the answer with the first map. Greenland is rather close (as the crow flies) to another country in Europe that the United States has not ...
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Why is Denmark willing to allow Greenland to become independent, but not willing to sell it to the US?

If Greenland first decides to become independent in a referendum accepted by Denmark, and then petitions to join the United States, that's the sovereign decision of Greenland's residents. If Denmark ...
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Would Greenland need the permission of Denmark to make a deal with the United States if they became independent?

Under current law, the source for a sentence saying that they can vote to get independence in the Wikipedia article you linked to says that (translated with Google, edited for grammar): The ...
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How would one country purchase another?

Such purchases have happened, if we count purchases of colonies as fitting the description. The USA bought territory from France (the Louisiana purchase), Russia (Alaska) and Denmark (The US Virgin ...
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How would one country purchase another?

If by this one country purchase a country you mean as a legal transaction of acquiring an entire territory (not just a part of land) and claim sovereignty, no I don't think that has happened and ...
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What are the Siumut party's views on mining and how do they compare to other parties views?

It is confused because this isn't nearly as "black and white" as the foreign media reports describe. There isn't a "pro-mining" and "anti-mining" party in Greenland, it ...
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How would one country purchase another?

In modern history, the accession of Newfoundland to Canada is somewhat (with a big grain of salt) an example of this. Newfoundland, being basically broke, joined Canada, with the federal government ...
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