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Is it true that Jim Crow laws were primarily promoted by the Democratic Party?

Yes. Following the American Civil War, the Democratic party was the primary haven for America's most machiavellian racists, (some of which set also included active criminals and terrorists), who ...
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Is it true that Jim Crow laws were primarily promoted by the Democratic Party?

True, but. This is a classic case of being true on paper but needing extensive qualifiers to be properly understood by a modern day audience. At the time when Jim Crow laws were introduced – 150 to ...
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Prior to COVID-19, had any country fiscally targeted unvaccinated individuals?

Yes, in Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905) the United States Supreme Court upheld the right of the state to fiscally target unvaccinated individuals. Massachusetts had enacted the following law in ...
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Has there ever been an independence movement with the goal to split off an underperforming part of a nation?

An example I could think of is Singapore. The country became independent from Malaysia after the Malaysian Parliament voted to expel Singapore, due to a combination of racial, economic and political ...
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Has a Nobel Peace laureate ever been accused of war crimes?

The State Counsellor of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, has a Nobel peace prize and there are calls for some of her military leaders to be prosecuted for war crimes. She herself might also be complicit. ...
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Has a Nobel Peace laureate ever been accused of war crimes?

I'm sure there's more, but here are the ones that I can remember: Henry Kissinger He served as the U.S. Secretary of State during both the Nixon and Ford administrations and received the Nobel Peace ...
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Why does the Islamic Republic of Iran view the US as its principal geopolitical adversary in the world?

The CIA had an Iranian PM removed in a coup in 1953. The venal, sordid and unedifying reason? A dispute about oil royalty payments. It also supported the Shah, which had a rather notorious secret ...
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Has there ever been a successful shift from a two-party system to a multi-party system in modern history?

New Zealand switched from first-past-the-post to "mixed member proportional representation (MMP)" starting in the 1996 election ( Seats won by ...
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Why is Biden's "(Putin) ...cannot remain in power" widely considered a gaffe to be walked back while previous US presidents have said similar?

It's often said that "a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth", and that's very much what's happening here. For the most part, the pushback isn't because people think Putin should stay ...
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Where did all the Confederate Statues come from?

A more fruitful question, perhaps is "when" those monuments were erected, which the chart below illustrates, which provides some good inferences about "why" they were erected. Basically, they were ...
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In the United States, why aren't both legislative chambers involved in the Supreme Court confirmation process?

The founders had two models in particularly in mind: the Ancient Roman Senate, and the UK parliament of Monarch/Lords/Commons. In the UK, the House of Lords functioned as a Supreme Court. The ...
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Has politics always been so polarized?

Polarisation is not entirely new, but it’s not a constant either. Looking just at US national politics, there have been other periods of very strong polarisation (e.g. the late 19th century, ...
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Have Texas voters ever selected a Democrat for President?

Yes, in fact from Wikipedia's article on "United States presidential elections in Texas", we can see that Texas has elected a Democrat for president twenty-two times since 1876, most ...
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Why do the right claim that Hitler was left-wing?

The right claim that Hitler was left-wing to make its political enemies on the left look worse than they really are. There are plenty of examples of left-wing ideologies leading to unpleasant outcomes:...
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In the Weimar Republic what was the role of the people sitting on the left side of the speaker?

Very good question and I am surprised that I as German needed to dig deeper into the stuff than anticipated. I tried to consult the German Wikipedia and the normal Google results, but got essentially ...
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Was the 1800 US presidential election the first intentional, peaceful transfer of national control?

This is trivially untrue. I haven't researched the earliest peaceful transfer of power, but here's the wikipedia article for the UK general election of 1708. That was the first UK election following ...
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Has politics always been so polarized?

Personal animosity between political opponents is widespread and historic. It is particularly common in democracies. In an oligarchical or dictatorial state, power and influence depends on your ...
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Why is changing the size of the Supreme Court considered dangerous today, when it has been done in the past?

The reason for the first three increases in the size of the Supreme Court was related to the size of the country's boundaries growing. The decrease in 1866 was, reportedly, more an attempt by the ...
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The politicization of the supreme court

How political parties view things is not necessarily commensurate with reality. After all, they have a political agenda to push. In this case the view of (federal) judges—Supreme Court Justices or ...
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Difference between nationalism and patriotism

George Orwell in 'Notes on Nationalism' said it best I think, By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of ...
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When was the last time, if ever, a Supreme Court justice was appointed without prior experience as a judge?

Quite a lot of them have been, in fact. There have been 115 Justices in the court's entire history, and the linked page indicates that 41 of them, more than a third of all Justices in the court's ...
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Are there any wars other than the 2023 Israel-Hamas War that are named after a country and a political party?

"Houthi–Saudi Arabian conflict" is the current title of a Wikipedia page. The Houthis are only a faction in Yemen, but they claim to be the legitimate government, IIRC. Their own wiki page ...
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Has the ICC ever ordered to arrest any Western or pro-Western politician?

In 2020, the International Criminal Court(ICC) started an investigation into alleged warcrimes perpetuated by US soldiers in Afghanistan. So far, these investigations have not led to any indictments ...
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How does Israel teach the displacement of the Arab population in 1948 (Nakba)?

It depends. Yes, some schools teach it, some don't, and in varying ways. First, some context. The word Nakba has a variety of uses. To some people, it refers specifically to the expulsion of mostly ...
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Is it first time in history that ongoing war was halted for few hours to evacuate people?

According to more serious (but still Indian) sources relating on the matter (of this 2nd phone call), like The Hindu reporting of today, no such cessation was agreed. At best: Moscow is considering a ...
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Congressman Jeff Van Drew is switching parties over Trump impeachment: has this ever happened before?

Has this ever happened before, that a standing Member of Congress switched parties directly from one major party to the other? If so, when? The number of party switchers is too numerous to list here. ...
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Whose photos are carried by Vladimir Putin and those by his side in the May 9, 2022 Moscow Victory Day Parade and what are their significance?

The idea of this specific parade is to carry the photos of your relatives who fought in a war (usually WW2). In this case it seems to be a photo of Putin's father. I suspect there is no other ...
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Why doesn't Russia join NATO and what would happen if it tried?

Let's entertain the hypothetical first. Your reasoning skips an important step. You seem to say that the current tensions between Russia and the West could be resolved by Russia joining NATO. In other ...
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