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To give you a simple answer Yes! State govt can issues bonds and are publicly traded on BSE. Here are specifically Delhi issued bonds. Not sure how authenticated are these at IndiaMart.


Yes, the prohibition really is inhibiting intra-party dissent by and large. However, in my view, it's not equivalent to the whip voting instead. Should members of a party rebel in a large group and they get expelled, the party whip loses their votes (until by-elections or similar), so is not the same thing as if the whip could just vote instead of the MPs/...


Keep in mind when asking these questions that you are asking about the legal meaning of these terms in English, whereas they may be merely translated from the official language of the country. Pakistan uses English and Urdu as official languages, while Sri Lanka doesn't officially use English. So there is a little bit of leeway and inexactitude due to the ...


Wikipedia uses the two terms interchangeably. More important is that The degree to which an official national religion is imposed upon citizens by the state in contemporary society varies considerably; from high as in Saudi Arabia to minimal or none at all as in Denmark, England, Iceland, and Greece. which is not reflected in the terminology though. For ...

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