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How come that the most important countries in European Union have the largest number of pending infringements?

It seems to me that part of the answer is already contained in the question itself. If infringement proceedings last longer for some member states, they will have more of them open at any given time, ...
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Freedom of press in the face of profit

Certainly it is an attack on freedom of the press. And it does not require laws. Nor even direct bribery. To illustrate the point I will use POTUS. But the same general ideas apply at nearly any level....
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Did the European Commission start an infringement procedure related to the quality of one or multiple EU members health systems?

In theory at least, healthcare is a shared competence, but I think it's probably not within the remit of the Commission to outright compel changes or punish countries (e.g. via the infringement ...
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Is there a case when a European Union infringement related fine is partially paid by an actual person?

The EU members are countries (Article 1, Treaty on the European Union). Individual people can be EU citizens (Article 9, TEU) but that does not make them treaty parties. The sort of fines you're ...
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What are consequences an EU country can face when it makes very problematic changes to the Criminal Law?

I will try to answer my own question. Firstly, according to this answer there is no mechanism to expel a country from European Union. Also, with about 65% of Romanians with positive attitude towards ...
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