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Would transporting parts for a military radar instead of "missile parts" aboard a passenger aircraft make any difference under international law?

There are so called "dual purpose goods": items that can be used both for civilian and military applications. These types of goods are heavily regulated. Dual purpose goods include, among ...
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If one country doesn't recognize another's existence, does the UN charter prohibit anything short of crimes against humanity in their "relations"?

The UN Charter requires "Members" to "settle their disputes by peaceful means" It therefore only requires a "member" to recognise another "member". Iran may ...
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Can Syria or any country demand stolen natural resources to be paid to them?

That is of course a bunch of Assad propaganda. But even them were more accurate at times: Syria’s foreign ministry said on Sunday that an American oil company had signed an agreement with Kurdish-led ...
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How do you determine if a country's track record in WTO compliance is good?

but the report doesn't specify what these paper compliance are. Actually it does talk a bit about it. For example The U.S. International Trade Administration has estimated that U.S. IP-intensive ...
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What is the legal status of [A Declaration for the Future of the Internet]?

What is the legal status of this document? It has no legal status. Is it binding to the participatory countries as a matter of law? No. Can a court strike down a local law that runs contrary to ...
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