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How does Rita Hart know that 22 votes weren't counted?

According to the notice of contest filed by Rita Hart, the evidence for the 22 ballots comes from a combination of poll workers, county recount board records, county auditor records, and affirmations ...
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How did Iowa go from being a "blue" to "red" state?

The New York Times had a recent article on pretty much this exact question "Why Iowa Turned So Red When Nearby States Went Blue" (2024-01-08). These were the reasons they gave: ...
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How does Rita Hart know that 22 votes weren't counted?

According to the brief filed as part of the procedures of the Federal Contested Election Act, Rita Hart believes that 22 ballots were improperly rejected when the ballots were counted. You can find ...
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What if there is a tie in a House election in Iowa?

From the Iowa Secretary of State, Candidate FAQ, What occurs if the election results in a tie? Generally, when a tie occurs between two candidates, lots are drawn (i.e. a name is pulled out of a hat) ...
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Why is Iowa so much a swing state?

This isn't my particular field of interest, but this article from MerionWest is worth reading. They put Iowa's current swing-state status down to a diverse ethnic history, an ongoing rise in both ...
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Where were the Iowa "satellite caucuses" located?

The IDP site has a list. See here for details: caucuses at 87 additional caucus locations around the world — including 60 in-state, 24 out-of-...
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