Several commentators (e.g. Vice article) have pointed out that the current Canadian election campaign has featured pretty heavily opposition research. So the context in which these Trudeau photos were released is not accidental, especially since similar material was used against Trudeau's opponents recently. On the other hand, little has been revealed ...


The Federal government has given them suffrage, special exemption from taxes, and their communities are largely self-governed No. The British colonialists and later the Canadian government made treaties with some Indigenous groups, but most of Canada is still "unceded" territory, notably British Columbia:


Your link says: Two issues stand out as significant drivers of the Liberals' loss of support among Indigenous voters. Just 25 per cent say Trudeau has done very or fairly well in improving the welfare and living conditions of Indigenous people, while 46 per cent say they are "very angry" at the removal of Jody Wilson-Raybould, Canada's first Indigenous ...

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