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What differentiates Trotskyism from Marxism/Leninism?

First, allow me to point out a subtle category error. Trotskyism falls under the rubric of Marxist-Leninist theory. It's a kind of Marxist-Leninist theory, so asking for the differences between '...
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Isn't Leninism left wing?

You made the wrong assumption. The existence of a left wing party or faction does not prevent the existence of another left wing party or faction.
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What differentiates Trotskyism from Marxism/Leninism?

Marx struggle to abolish the private ownship. Lenin (in fact, Stalin) thought they can build socialism in one country, while Troskyists find we could only construct it through many countries' common ...
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Why is a sympathizer of a party the party itself

The confusion stems from the fact that the MLPD changed their homepage. It used to say PFLP, but now it says "Symphatisanten der PFLP" ("PFLP" links to the official PFLP website): The MLPD says that ...
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