In general, yes, but not if the employee holds a 'politically restricted post', as defined by Section 2 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989. This section defines a list of posts within a local authority which are always politically restricted: The following persons are to be regarded for the purposes of this Part as holding politically restricted ...


Not at the time that this question was posted - but a poll was conducted between October 22nd and 23rd by Emerson College/PIX11/NewsNation which gave Eric Adams, the Democratic Party candidate, a 40-point lead over his Republican opponent, Curtis Sliwa. The Emerson College/PIX11/NewsNation poll of the New York City mayoral race finds Democrat Eric Adams ...


Tl:dr According to one website, no polls have been released yet. According to Crowd Wisdom 360 no NYC Mayoral Polls 2021 have been released yet Disclaimer: I couldn’t find a fact check for this website, so it might be untrustworthy or false.

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