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Why has Alpine County in California become so Democratic in the last few presidential elections?

Alpine County went from being virtually uninhabited, as of 1930, to having two growing ski resorts in recent years (with the biggest shift between 1970 and 1980). The success of these ski resorts, and ...
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By which reasoning is Birmingham "the largest local authority in Europe"?

This is a somewhat ill-formed title (rather like world's busiest airport or world's most powerful car) since different definitions can be used for "local authority" (indeed the UK uses this ...
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Why does nobody seem to care about the municipal elections in Maharashtra?

The terms of major municipal corporations in Maharashtra including Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Pimpri Chinchwad have already expired but due to the pending case in court the election commission has not ...
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Did the super-centralized model of democracy that the US promoted in Afghanistan (with no local/regional elections etc.) work well anywhere?

Sounds a bit like China’s electoral system, Central officials are elected by the People's Congress, and officials at the following levels are appointed Elections in China National People's Congress ...
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