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Why did Spanish nationalists interrupt one-minute silence for the victims of Morocco earthquake?

To clarify the situation, which isn't well described in your link. The minute silence was organised by Barcelona City council and mayor, to remember the lives lost in the Morocco earthquake (Barcelona ...
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Why have so many countries withdrawn recognition of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic?

Your suspicions are correct in at least some cases - the withdrawal of recognition seems to mostly be as a result of Moroccan diplomatic and economic pressure. In Morocco and the African Union - ...
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Why is the Human Development Index significantly lower in Morroco than in Algeria and Tunisia?

All the information in my answer comes from the 2015 report's statistical annex. HDI is calculated based on three dimensions: Health The first element of HDI is health, which UNDP measure as life ...
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Why did Morocco invade the Spanish Perejil island in 2002?

Primarily, there are two interrelated factors here. The first was the marriage of King Mohammed VI of Morocco that was occurring at the same time as the "invasion" From the Guardian on 7/13/...
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Why has the African Union readmitted Morocco?

Looks like their king has been pushing it for economic reasons since 2000. They still have issues with the AU recognition of Western Sahara, but it seems the economic lure of AU membership has trumped ...
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