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One of the many reasons is that as a response to Ukraine's new language and education laws, which took away basically all minority rights from the ethnic and linguistic minorities of Ukraine and banned the usage and teaching of minority languages, Hungary blocks every form of official contact between Ukraine and the NATO.


NATO won't let them in right now. NATO is an alliance of nations who promise to defend each other's territorial integrity, among other things. There are some catches to that, so the Falklands war did not become a NATO Article 5 situation because those are South Atlantic islands, yet the 911 attack on New York did. NATO supports the Ukrainian right to make a ...


China is gradually becoming more powerful industrially, militarily and politically. The US is used to ruling the global roost ever since the USSR collapsed and, unless it finds a way to live with China, it will find it convenient to channel local discontent and worries into an alliance to counterbalance China. Once a solid alliance exists, it ban used to ...


Disclaimer: The following is my own perspective. China is rising as its manufacturing machine has become unstoppable. It is speculated that China will economically and militarily surpass the USA by 2050. Now, the USA, the world's only remaining superpower, doesn't want to be toppled. So, what is the solution to its China problem? Squeeze China's economic ...

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