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In what way do "Pennsylvanians have a constitutional right to clean air and pure water"? State constitution or federal? Which article?

Article I of the Pennsylvania Constitution is a declaration of rights, among which are the "right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic ...
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To what is Trump referring to in Nov 2020 when he said "700,000 ballots were not allowed to be viewed in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh"?

That tweet is probably referring to this complaint filed on 9th of November which is effectively calling into question the fairness and legality of some practices of some counties in the Pennsylvania ...
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Why does the daylight savings time in Pennsylvania seem partisan?

This is mostly a guess, but looking at the Wikipedia page on the matter, most educational associations (teachers' etc.) in the US support the opposite, i.e. permanent standard (rather than DST) time. ...
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Does the PA Supreme Court ruling disenfranchise some voters on a trivial technicality?

This "technicality" has a reasonable explanaton. The election officials receive the outer ballot envelope. They verify the declaration on the outer envelope. That means they must check who ...
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Have any of the eleven Pennsylvania lawmakers who passed a mail-in voting law & are now suing to invalidate it explained why they changed their mind?

Yes - in their statement of interest of Amici Curiae, the reason given is that the House members who voted in favor of the Act were not aware at that time of the constitutional issues they allege ...
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In Pennsylvania, are there legal limits to how often you can switch political parties?

There are no requirements in the state of Pennsylvania as to what party you can join nor the reasons why you join. You can admit your reasoning freely. You can change your party as often as you want,...
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Observation of ballot counting - appropriate vs actual

What observation rights are the presidential campaigns (or the parties, or the public) afforded during the counting process - throughout the US and in Pennsylvania specifically? I think those would ...
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Pennsylvania mail in return rates 2023 primary?

The question would be better if it asked “where can one find the data on…”. As discussed in the comments, as written the answer to your question is either “no one knows because it did not happen yet” ...
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What are election poll watchers (challengers) permitted to do in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, any candidate in an election may appoint up to two people per election district to be poll watchers, provided they are eligible voters in the county where they'd be watching. These ...
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