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Presidential line of Succession eliminated

There is a very small sliver of truth to this. During the Reagan administration Dick Cheney was a member of Congress and Donald Rumsfeld, being an ex-Secretary of Defense was working in the private ...
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Foreign Prime Minister / President

In the UK, any Commonwealth citizen is eligible to be an MP, and so eligible to be Prime Minister. (and any descendent of Sophia of Hannover is eligible to be Monarch, there are no nationality ...
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Foreign Prime Minister / President

Vaira Vīķe was born in Riga, Latvia. At the end of 1944, as the second Soviet occupation of Latvia began, her parents escaped to Nazi Germany. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga is a Latvian politician who served ...
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Foreign Prime Minister / President

Why is it not the same in politics? Most defense-related jobs [even relatively low-level ones] have much stricter nationality and loyalty requirements than that of a random CEO. The president or PM ...
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