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How do parties really choose candidates in the US?

U.S. elections are complex, especially presidential ones, which have several layers of indirection. Because of the complexity of the question, I'm going to focus on the case of presidential elections. ...
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Which districts in the Virginia state legislature held contested primaries for both parties in 2023?

In the House of Delegates, just one of the hundred districts is being contested by more than one candidate in both parties' primary elections; district 84. In the Democratic primary, the district is ...
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Why did the DNC refuse to hold any debates on Fox News?

This is a tough question to answer without introducing opinion, but I will do my best. At a high level, the DNC cited The Making of the Fox News White House as their reason for excluding their ...
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How do parties really choose candidates in the US?

As I read the question, it’s taken for granted that the American system is a duopoly between the Republican and Democratic parties and ballot access is not what the questioner is concerned about. The ...
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How do parties really choose candidates in the US?

Technically, the parties choose their candidates at the conventions. When voters vote in primaries, they are actually selecting delegates to the national convention who have pledged to vote for one ...
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How do parties really choose candidates in the US?

Essentially how political parties nominate their candidates is up the parties and not regulated by law. Both Democrats and Republicans often choose to hold primaries because it may help them to find ...
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Pennsylvania mail in return rates 2023 primary?

The question would be better if it asked “where can one find the data on…”. As discussed in the comments, as written the answer to your question is either “no one knows because it did not happen yet” ...
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Illinois Presidential primaries

This can be a bit confusing. When you vote in many states, you are voting for a candidate as well as any delegates to be sent to the party convention. What's weird here is that these people tell you ...
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What was the US election with the highest number of cancelled primaries and caucuses?

Select Presidential primaries and caucuses not held Year Party (Incumbent) No. States/Territories Source 2020 Republican (Trump) 7 AZ, HI, KS, NV, NY, SC, VA W 2012 Democratic (Obama) 4 CN, DE, NY, ...
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