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Where can I find the full text of the sample bill and others like it? The Congressional Record "often contains text of measures after passing a Chamber; sometimes before". The vote was for an amendment to a bill. For the bill in question, begin at Statutes at Large, where for the 62nd Congress, Session 3, Chapter 148, An Act Making appropriations ...


If I needed this bill I would go to my University library and ask. The people there are professionals and helped me several times with hard to find texts. I think that the Library of Congress has all the bills ever considered by the US Congress and any library can get that bill by interlibrary loan.


This is relatively easy to visualise using the county-level results from both the 2016 Presidential Election and the 2017 Special Senate Election. That being said, the use of this swing alone to quantify the influence of Roy Moore's sexual assault allegations on the election would be an oversimplification at best. Nevertheless, no county in Alabama returned ...

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