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In 1900 the British Empire was single state in international law and dominions like Canada and Australia had self-government with the British Empire. They did not have separate citizenship laws or a diplomatic corps. From the UK perspective there were "British countries" (part of the Empire) and "foreign countries" (everywhere else). Over ...


In Australia, the senate elections have been counted electronically for quite some time, with the software having existed in some form since at least 2003 (see the submission linked in the annotation) and said precursor was used for the 2004 election. [2] It is also used for commercial vote counting services provided by the AEC. [3][4] A video series "...


No, all ballots in those countries are still counted by hand. While machines are getting better at being able to recognise written numbers, they're by no means perfect yet (and not yet better than humans at it).

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