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You have it backwards. Inheritance is acquisition of wealth through no merit of one own. No personal choices or achievements factor to whom one is born. As such, it's inheritance that has no ethical basis or justification, which in turn makes correction for such injustice a right, just and ethical thing.


I think the key difference is here how the NHS operates, compared to health care in most continental European countries. Being a UK resident is sufficient to qualify for NHS access, there is no additional paperwork required, a rental contract or even say bank statement mailed to you at a UK address suffices. This is not the case in most continental European ...


There are specific restrictions imposed by the EU, though most of these are based on historical taxation. Since 2001 sanitary products have been subject to VAT at a reduced rate of 5% The BBC covered this in a reality check around the time of the Brexit Referendum. Reality Check verdict: EU rules mean the UK cannot reduce VAT on goods and services below ...


As far as recommendations made by OLAF go, this case is, and remains, the largest single recommendation made by the body. However, it is not the first time an EU member state has been fined or prosecuted by the European Commission for failing to collect taxes and duties on imports. This presentation goes into more detail about how the OLAF recommendations ...

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