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ELI5: Why is Russia's requirement for oil to be paid in Roubles abnormal?

Why is this newsworthy? ... is there something else here that I'm not aware of? Short answer: Yes, changing the currency of payment in a contract is just a contract dispute and not really front page ...
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To what extent are financial services in this last Brexit deal (trade agreement)?

Although the trade deal itself does not specifically mention access for Financial Services as there was no time during the Brexit negotiations for this, it does allow for an 'Equivalence' deal to be ...
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(When) did Switzerland tighten its neutrality law provisions regarding armaments and ammo post WW2?

The first change in Swiss law on arms exports came via a Federal Council decree of March 28th 1949. This decree doesn't appear to be available digitally, but is described by Sabine Widmer as follows: ...
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