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No, the implementation of some checks which would have taken place on October 1st 2021 has been delayed, and some checks have been delayed from January 2022 to July 2022, as announced to the Commons by Government Minister Penny Mordaunt on September 14th. However, the timetable for the removal of the current easements on checks is currently unchanged. The ...


No import checks on EU goods have not begun. The government's original plan was to introduce border checks on EU imports when the post-Brexit transition period expired at the end of 2020. In June that year it said these checks would be phased in, and then last March announced a further delay of several months. Yes, it will cause further disruption when ...


China's annoyance at Australia had an earlier beginning, too. In 2009, a Chinese mineral company Minmetals was expecting to take over Ozminerals. This story on the ABC has a good overview. It would have given China a handy inside position in iron ore imports from Australia.

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