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Is there anything special about TTIP?

ISDS is not unique to TTIP, and ISDS is not new. It is also contained in CETA, NAFTA, TPP, and many bilateral trade agreements. However, not all free trade agreements include ISDS, and countries ...
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Could the UK be re-drafted into the TTIP after a Brexit?

Basically, the way this works at the moment is that, because the EU has a “single market”, it also handles negotiations on trade agreements with other countries. Should the UK leave, it could ...
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Could the UK be re-drafted into the TTIP after a Brexit?

There are two separate parts to this (1) Britain's elected leaders wanting not to be a part of a TTIP-like agreement and (2) Britain's ability to negotiate a better deal outside of the framework of ...
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How can international treaties like TTIP be secret and effective?

We must distinguish two types of agreements. Some international agreements can remain secret, if they don't impose rights and obligations on persons. For example, treaty on cooperation of intelligence ...
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why do the EU and the USA keep the TTIP documents secret?

As per the Article 8, comma 4, of the "EU Council Decision of 23 September 2013 on the security rules for protecting EU classified information": Areas in which EUCI classified CONFIDENTIEL UE/EU ...
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Do TTIP and CETA ratification in The Netherlands require primary legislation that can be subject to a consultative referendum?

Virtually all treaties in the Netherlands have to be approved by Parliament, although often a silent procedure is followed in which the treaty is deemed to have approval if no request for a ...
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why do the EU and the USA keep the TTIP documents secret?

This episode will explain it. Basically the negotiators have pressure from all sides and they need to make bargains and deals that special interests would not like. They also have to collect ...
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What are the regional legislative parliaments in the EU that can veto treaties such as CETA, TTIP, or (later) the Brexit agreement?

The ratification involves, as you've cited correctly, only national parliaments. Indeed are there only 27/28 member states (post/pre-Brexit respectively), but the total number of parliaments that have ...
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Could the foreign investor protection of TTIP lead to a migration of businesses to the other signatory party?

But as I understand it, this is a right granted exclusively to foreign businesses. That's true as far as the TTIP is concerned. This is an international trade pact which relates specifically to ...
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