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What are the main reasons for why negotiating a proper Brexit deal has been so hard?

it was generally expected that the pro-Brexit politicians had some idea of how negotiations for a Brexit deal would fare and what the outcome would be. Who by? Everyone knew the lead Brexit team (...
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Why raise so much fuss about the Skripal poisoning?

What's the big deal? The UK government believes that the government of Russia sent military personnel onto its territory to kill UK citizens. There's a word for one country sending its military into ...
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What are the main reasons for why negotiating a proper Brexit deal has been so hard?

Dani Rodrik's trilemma states that you can pick any two of three from "nation state", "prosperity" and "democracy". The argument goes that if you want prosperity then you must have free trade (hermit ...
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Why is it impossible to leave the Single Market without a hard Irish border?

In the strictest sense, it is of course possible; but it doesn’t make any sense, unless Brexit is only for symbolism. The whole point of Brexit (beside the symbolism) and of leaving the single market ...
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What options would have been left, if the UK government couldn't have decided on how exactly to implement the referendum to leave the EU?

The United Kingdom shall not leave the European Union without a deal That is not a legal decision. This is just a wish that Parliament has expressed. If nothing else changes, as things currently ...
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Why is the British government so determined to arrest Julian Assange?

The UK government is not above the law. UK law requires the government to pursue fugitives. There is no tradition in the UK of allowing fugitives to go free if they are able to remain free for a long ...
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Why haven't the British protested Brexit as ardently as the Hong Kong protesters?

Brexit is more popular among Britons than what is happening in Hong Kong is among Hong Kong residents There was a vote for Brexit where a majority of voters voted for Brexit, but there was absolutely ...
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Why shouldn't BBC have to register as a foreign agent?

The relevant US law is the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which covers agents who act "at the order, request, or under the direction or control" of a foreign power. Therefore, institutional and ...
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Why does the EU care so much about the UK divorce payment?

The sum is quite small compared to the EU GDP, but that is not what you should be comparing it to. It would make more sense to compare it to the EU budget (as there the additional money would ...
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Why raise so much fuss about the Skripal poisoning?

One of the primary functions of government is to protect its residents from capricious actions of foreign governments. In fact, one of the tests for a government to be recognized as sovereign is that ...
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Why is vote counting made so laborious in the US?

Mail-in voting and provisional ballots: In many states, mail-in votes are allowed to arrive well after election day, provided they are postmarked on or before election day. Voters who cast a ...
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Why is the UK so keen to remove the "backstop" when their leadership seems to think that no border will be needed in Northern Ireland?

The problem stems from three issues. I'll explain those, then the backstop issue will be more obvious. Brexit will create two sovereign regions, with (over time) different borders and import rules. ...
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Could the UK re-join EU after leaving?

Article 50 of the Treaties of the European Union (the article which governs leaving the EU) has a clause which explicitly mentions that rejoining the EU is possible after leaving it: If a State ...
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Why are UK MPs targeting the prime minister and not the deal?

Brexit is a submarine made out of cheese. Nobody sane at all thinks there is a good Brexit deal to be had. (Every proposed "good Brexit deal" uniformly assumes they can dictate terms to the EU; that ...
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On what legal basis did the UK remove the 'European Union' from its passport?

Both the Burgundy color and the words 'European Union' are recommended as part of passports issued by member states, but neither are compulsory. As such, the legal basis of the UK's decision is: ...
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Why do the British opposition parties not want a new election?

There's a constellation of reasons: Johnson lost his majority (which makes him toothless and unable to get anything done), is getting humiliated day after day, and is putting his inadequacy on ...
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Why is consensus so controversial in Britain?

Press "Freedom of the press in Britain means freedom to print such of the proprietor's prejudices that the advertisers don't object to" Americans like to believe their press is neutral. In ...
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Why does the UK have more political parties than the US?

One reason why the UK has more parties than the US is simply that it is cheaper to compete in the political game. General election campaigning is effectively limited to four weeks before the election ...
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Why is the British government so determined to arrest Julian Assange?

Ok, let's get this down straight. The Guardian, 2017-04-21: The US attorney general has explicity said that getting Assange is a priority. Sydney Morning Herald, 2012-09-27: The US military has ...
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Why are the Brexit trade talks held up by the divorce talks?

This might be described as an "eat your vegetables" strategy by the EU27. The three preliminary issues are not palatable to the UK government: It is reluctant to discuss the divorce bill. Paying any ...
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Does the Brexit deal being voted down imply that Brexit is not going to happen?

Parliament has already voted on Article 50 and Article 50 has already been invoked. If nothing else happens between now and March 29th, EU membership ends for the UK. That was the case whether this ...
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Why does the UK have more political parties than the US?

Duverger's law says that for a given district in a plurality (first-past-the-post) system, the number of parties will tend towards two. In the United States, there is an office with a national ...
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Why is the UK still pressing on with Brexit?

You are making the same mistake as the remain campaign did: This is not a rational decision, at the core, it's an emotional decision. It's not about what financial, economic or whatever benefits ...
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Would it save lives in London to arm every individual police officer?

A lot of the opposition to arming the London Police seems to be due to the Police themselves. The BBC explored this in 2012 A 2006 survey of 47,328 Police Federation members found 82% did not want ...
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What are the arguments in favour of Brexit?

In decreasing order of certainty: If you work (or intend to work) in a field dealing with border/customs/phytosanitary etc., Brexit may have new job opportunities. If your job/income was somehow ...
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Why is the UK blaming the EU and what does the UK want?

Simplified, one key issue that drove or drives the Brexit movement is for the UK to have full sovereign control over the standards goods must adhere to. Equally simplified, one key issue for the EU is ...
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Why is abortion such a central issue in US politics, but not in the UK?

The following is necessarily a massive oversimplification. Religiousness America is, by and large, the most religious of the high-GDP countries that aren't Middle Eastern (and heavily Muslim) oil ...
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Can a polling station in the UK shut early if everyone has voted?

There's a process that's meant to be followed if someone arrives at a polling station to find that someone has already voted in their name or they're recorded as having received a postal vote (a '...
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Why didn't Thatcher give Hong Kong to Taiwan?

Other than the reasons of practicality mentioned, there is also the issue of international laws and treaties, specifically on the issue of "successor states." There definitely was some debate, as the ...
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If Boris Johnson were prosecuted and convicted of lying about Brexit, can that be used to cancel Brexit?

No. The referendum was legally not binding, it just caused a political situation which made the article 50 notification seem a political necessity. The UK could have stayed or left regardless of the ...
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