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Was UNRWA subject to examination or investigation regarding the adequacy of its audits before the terrorist attacks?

Depending exactly how you define "scrutiny", yes. For example in 2009 the (pro-Israel, according to Wikipedia) Washington Institute for Near East Policy had a lengthy piece on UNRWA which ...
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Can the UN Security Council kick out permanent members?

Is there any mechanism for the Security Council to remove them in order to create their desired outcome? Why should they wish to? One major purpose of the UN is to bind the most powerful nations (at ...
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What are arguments for and against a bill "To end membership of the United States in the United Nations."

It's an "H.R.". Meaning it's a "House Resolution". As such, the bill would not have any power in law. The domain of the foreign policy in the United States lies with the ...
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Were the UNRWA cuts accompanied with some other form of financial commitment to other aid organizations or other policies to help Gazans?

Somewhat, in the case of Germany, at least Germany, in agreement with other donor countries, will temporarily not approve any further funding for UNRWA in Gaza until the matter is resolved – there ...
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How much food aid for Gaza was ran though UNRWA vs other organizations, and what has been the impact on food aid of the UNRWA funding suspension?

UNWRA's status report from 29 January 2024 gives the following numbers: All information from 25- 27 January 2024, is valid as of 24 January 2024 at 22:30 Days 111-113 of Hostilities In the period ...
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