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Why is the Trump Administration often labeled as anti-science?

Evidence That Trump Is Anti-Science There is plenty of evidence that the Trump administration is anti-science. For example: One of his first acts in office was to place a gag order on federal ...
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Why is it considered racist to say "White Lives Matter"?

The best statement I've seen of the argument for saying "Black Lives Matter" is in a letter to The Columbus Dispatch from Stanley D. Krider, posted July 25, 2020: I say “Black Lives Matter” ...
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Why is it considered racist to say "White Lives Matter"?

Compare for example how you'd feel if people campaigning that ‘The Homeless need shelter’ were met with the counterclaim that ‘Home-owners need shelter’. While that second claim isn't false in itself, ...
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Why is President Trump making such a big deal about fake news, and specifically targeting reputable organizations like The New York Times and CNN?

TL;DR I have been as bi-partisan as possible. President Trump is attempting to discredit the media as they attempt to expose aspects of his administration they find worthy of journalism. Some may be ...
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Why couldn't Republicans who voted to repeal Obamacare so many times under Obama do it under a Republican president?

Why couldn't they pass a single one of their many, previously-successful proposals under a Republican president? The simple answer is that you're measuring "successful" by how many votes were ...
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Why doesn’t the IRS just send me a bill for the taxes I owe based on the info they already have?

It's certainly possible, and plans have previously been made to do it, but then what would happen to the tax preparation industry? That may seem like a silly question, but for the capitalist tax prep ...
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Why is Trump dubbing COVID-19 as the "Chinese virus" considered offensive, while many past epidemics have had similar naming schemes?

Let's appreciate the learning curve. The problem with all of those historical names is that they created sharp spikes in prejudice, social ostracism, and violence against the indicated groups, and ...
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Why is communism considered as evil (like fascism and nazism) in the United States?

Fundamental to communist ideology is the common ownership of the means of production and abolishment of social classes and social hierarchy. In practice, that means no (or very few) private property ...
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Why are so many Americans against Obamacare?

These are a few reasons why each group is against Obamacare. With individuals — It requires nearly all Americans to get health insurance. Some do not think that the government should force citizens ...
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Why is a border wall such a polarising issue in American politics?

tl;dr: The wall is only an idea with lots of blanks. People on different sides of the divide fill in the blanks differently, so they end up with different conclusions. The Wall is just an abstract ...
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Why is there a need to prevent a racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted vendor from discriminating who they sell to?

TL;DR: You question rests in the supposition that, next to the business that refuses to sell to me, there will be another similar business that will be willing to sell to me. That supposition is, to ...
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Why won't Donald Trump do something about "fake news"?

Because of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the ...
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Why does the pardon of Arpaio show contempt for the rule of law?

tl;dr: Arpaio was sentenced for violating a court order, which ordered him to stop violating the law. In this case, a presidential pardon takes away any recourse the judiciary has, thus circumventing ...
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Why is communism considered as evil (like fascism and nazism) in the United States?

TL;DR: because communism did, in fact, kill people. Between 23 million (low estimate) and 100 million (high estimate) of them killed by regimes that collectively self-branded themselves as led by "...
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Why are Republicans (unlike Democrats) heavily criticized for their flip-flopping regarding the 2016/2020 US supreme court justice nominations?

The Democrats were in favour of appointing Garland in 2016, but now that the Republicans have set a precedent that Supreme Court Justices should not be appointed in an election year, the Republicans ...
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Why is Elizabeth Warren's Native American ancestry a political issue?

What point was she trying to make when she claimed Native American heritage? There's a few things to consider here Native Americans are a pretty well defined minority group, complete with an actual ...
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What does the US have to gain by other countries not being socialist or communist?

If we extrapolate from the historical record, it looks like the U.S. couldn't care less if there is a dictatorship or not in Venezuela or anywhere else. What the U.S. seems to care about strongly is ...
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Why don't Democrats and Republicans collude?

I mean, we've had exclusively Democrat or Republican governments for well over 150 years, I'm not sure how else you'd measure "total and perpetual dominance".
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Why are conservatives so patriotic and hateful of the government at the same time?

Conservatives don't see the government as the "the country." To quote Ronald Reagan in his inaugural address So, as we begin, let us take inventory. We are a nation that has a government—not the ...
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Why was the Economist model so sure Trump was going to lose compared to other models?

In comparison to the 538 model, the economist model uses less "fat tails". 538 uses a t-distribution to account for "black swan" events: things that, although they are unlikely, ...
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Is President Trump right that there was violence on "both sides" in Charlottesville?

Bottom Line Up Front Yes, there was violence perpetrated by both AntiFa and the White Supremacists. Ben Shapiro's show the day after properly highlights the violence on each side (specific parts ...
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Why try to impeach Trump now?

Democrats didn't impeach in 2018, because they were a minority in both House and Senate until January 3, 2019. Afterwards, they didn't have the necessary evidence until the Mueller Report that would ...
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What is the Alt-Left?

The alt-left is not really a thing unless you live in Switzerland, where it is a political party. In the US, it's a term that got cooked up by the alt-right to describe their fantasized progressive ...
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Why does the Black Lives Matter movement organize protests while the incident they're protesting is still under investigation?

The Black Lives Matter campaign is predicated on the position that people of color are met disproportionately with death or other mistreatment at the hands of law enforcement, and that this phenomena ...
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Why is Fox News the most viewed news channel in the US?

Because there is only one Fox News and there are multiple competitors. Overall, CNN and MSNBC together are watched more than Fox (source). But they split the liberal viewership. So if they get 34% ...
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Do other countries guarantee freedoms that the United States does not have?

Yes, definitely I'm limiting this answer to only freedom of something. That is, freedoms where the government or other powerful groups do not interfere, or are prohibited from interfering, with ...
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Why is Greece's debt considered a problem but not US debt, which is much larger?

I know that the population of Greece is much less than in the U.S., however I do not think it matters to people "lending" money to the governments This is where you are mistaken. The lender is ...
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Why does Joe Biden always tweet from @POTUS and not @JoeBiden?

@POTUS, according to Twitter (, is the 'official' account for the Office of the President ...
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Why is it considered racist to say "White Lives Matter"?

"White lives matter" is considered white supremacist because it was created and is promoted by white supremacists in direct opposition to black lives matter. It is meant as a contradiction ...
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