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Need and significance of pre poll alliances

Then why is there confusion about whether NDA will form the government or not? When a single party fails to get a majority in the Parliament, a coalition government composed of more than 1 party is ...
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How do US states maintain a secret ballot using Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail?

By removing data that would identify the order in which the paper trail ballots were cast. To be clear, the link you provide to Wikipedia answers your question in both directions for one case: In ...
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How did the adoption of compulsory voting in Australia impact the partisan balance there?

Some effects of compulsory voting: Compulsory voting means that voter suppression is basically not an issue in Australia. All adult citizens are required to enrol aside from people serving prison ...
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Are soldiers at war generally permitted to vote in national elections?

Unless stated otherwise soldiers are citizens and if citizens are allowed to vote (not a given there, are dictatorships or segregated societies where that might not be the case), then in a democracy ...
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