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Why were marijuana restrictions implemented in the 1970s more successful in South Korea than in the United States?

Does the example of South Korea in the 1970s provide an example of a democratic and capitalist country successfully prohibiting marijuana use? No, because until 1987 South Korea was not a democratic ...
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How to know if increases in self-reported marijuana usage are real?

This is a good question, and you should look at the methodology of the specific survey you have in mind (which hopefully should be detailed in their report) to find out how they address that and ...
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Is there any evidence that Filipino president Duterte's war on drugs has been successful?

As indicated by comments, it is very hard to evaluate the effectiveness of the fight against war on drugs. The official data is presented on Wikipedia, but they are challenged by other sources: ...
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Does DEA operate in Haiti?

They certainly have a presence in the country: There are nine DEA Offices in the region located in Barbados, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as ...
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Why can't the U.S. stop drug production in Afghanistan?

Your question is extremely relevant and I was very surprised that nobody asked it earlier on Politics.SE: I was curious myself a month back, but didn't have to ask here because I got my answers from ...
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Is the War on Drugs a declared war?

You (or rather, Nixon :) are mixing up two definitions (Thanks, English, for being confusing!) One is, "war" as in official state of war, that is declared by the government of one sovereign ...
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Why can't the U.S. stop drug production in Afghanistan?

One of the very few good things the Taliban did while in charge of Afghanistan was crack down on opium farming as an immoral activity. However, one has to contrast that against the many bad things ...
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What are the few things thought to be bad if the Taliban is ruling Afghanistan excluding deprivation of women rights?

They may keep their word about not letting international terrorists operate from their Emirate. Or they may not. It's easy to forget these days, but for a long time (practically until 2004) they ...
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Is the War on Drugs a declared war?

What is war? In international law, a war is a legal relationship between states (1). States enter into this relationship when one state declares war on another. Although the specifics vary from law ...
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What are efficient approaches to counter drug trafficking?

There is a ton of research on various questions related to this, and I'm not familiar with it in any detail. I'll just point you to a few examples of meta-studies, which each review the results of ...
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Why can't the U.S. stop drug production in Afghanistan?

Let us suppose that Afghanistan is backward and that the USA is advanced and, moreover, that the difference is about 300 years. The only way that the US could change Afghanistan in the way you ...
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