Hello all. I am currently a self-employed computer technician in El Paso, Texas. I started coding in the early 80s. I enjoy coding for my own projects and to customer needs when necessary. Troubleshooting hardware is a big part of my time along with helping customer’s use their computers as a useful tool. In my free time I enjoy playing poker tournaments and pool tournaments.

I have an extensive publishing background where I was able to witness the progression from old time paste-up to the fine products of today such as Adobe InDesign. I remember when QuarkXpress was just getting started and was the king of page layout programs.

I am familiar with most programming languages. I am a big fan of C#, C and Java, Java script targeted towards Adobe products and MS Office applications using VBA. I spent many years teaching employees how to use Adobe and MS Office applications, mainly in a publishing environment.

I really enjoy Stack Overflow and have got some great help here. Just a warm hello and if I can help… just ask because SO has helped me a lot. Have a nice day ;-)

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