David R Tribble

Programming since 1978, when code had line numbers.
B.S. in Mathematics, minor in Computer Science.

C#, Java, SQL, JDBC, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, TypeScript, ASP.NET, jQuery, AngularJS, Perl, JSP, JNI, sed, awk, Lisp, XEmacs, Emacs, vi, data structures, compiler design, parsing theory, lexical analysis, finite automata, language design, LR(k) grammars, lex, yacc, multiprocessing, database, digital fax, digital logic, artificial intelligence, SCCS, RCS, CVS, Subversion, Intel 8080, x86, 6502, MC 68000, IBM/370, z/390, digital logic, RTL, cryptography, encryption, AES, PKI, PGP, compression, FTP, SMTP, IPC, sockets, threads, network, client/server, Unix, POSIX, MS-DOS, Windows, Win32, TOPS-20, Apple II, TRS-80, MIDI, AI, graphics, 3D math, document storage, workflow, Unicode, EBCDIC, JCL, CICS, C++, C, PL/I, COBOL, Assembler, FORTRAN, BASIC, to name just a few.

Knowledge of number theory, foundations, set theory, abstract algebra.