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Who was the last US President to oversee a reduction in debt?
23 votes

There are four correct answers to this question, here presented in increasing relevance: If you look at the US debt in dollar terms, the last president to reduce debt over one fiscal year was ...

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Can the Chinese government system be considered a limited form of democracy?
Accepted answer
19 votes

Your question is based on the assumption that the ruling party of China has some sort of internal democracy, and that therefore China would have a sort of limited democracy. However, the Communist ...

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What is the truthfullness of the film "Revolution.com - USA: The Conquest of the East"?
15 votes

Summary: The claims Anixx makes about this film presents a completely false version of the events of the colour-revolutions. This version of events is also completely different from the version of ...

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What are the minimum requirements for a system to be called democratic?
13 votes

A common definition is Karl Poppers, that democracy is system that makes it possible to get rid of a government without spilling blood. This is a pragmatic definition, and it makes United states a ...

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Do Caribbean countries have standing against colonial countries for slave reparations?
1 votes

Do The International Court at Hague require standing? Yes. At least in this case. For the defendants to have to pay reparations to the countries in question, they will have to show that they suffered ...

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