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Do other countries guarantee freedoms that the United States does not have?
23 votes

In Spain, I buy whatever dosage of Metformin or levothyroxine I need (or want) without a prescription and at a far lower price than my co-pay in USA.

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Why does US tend to have rather old leaders (> 60) while more and more European countries have young ones (<40)?
13 votes

Part of the answer may be that the US constitution does not allow the president to be younger than 35 years old. And there are also minimum ages for congress.

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Why hasn't competition between health insurance providers led to lower prices for consumers?
8 votes

Maybe I read too fast, but I didn’t see this. After working ten years for a large non-profit health care system, much of that in the financial department, it is my unproven opinion that part of it is ...

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Why is it so important who the whistleblower in the Trump-Zelensky phone call is?
6 votes

If it were a criminal trial, the whistleblower’s (WB) report, being hearsay, would not be admissible, and anyone attempting to do so would be reprimanded. However, as in an answer, the investigators ...

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