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38 votes

Why are mandatory ultrasounds considered problematic by abortion rights activists?

17 votes

Why don't countries revoke an IS fighter's citizenship arguing they have become citizens of IS?

10 votes

Is there any African country that actively express disagreement or resistance against Wagner?

6 votes

Why was Kwasi Kwarteng sacked and Jeremy Hunt appointed as the UK finance minister?

5 votes

Why is the lack of seasonal agricultural workers considered a problem given the high unemployment rate in every Western country?

4 votes

Why doesn’t the Republican majority in the United States Senate reintroduce their heathcare legislation?

4 votes

Why do the right claim that Hitler was left-wing?

4 votes

Why has the Israel-Palestine conflict reignited in May 2021?

1 vote

Why is avoidance of judicial review of the Texas abortion law and other future US state laws so concerning to the US department of justice?

1 vote

What is the argument made by Gregor Gysi against the delivery of weapons by Germany to Ukraine?

1 vote

What are possible explanations for why Democratic states appear to have higher homeless rates per capita than Republican states?

1 vote

In Brexit, what does "not compromise sovereignty" mean?

-2 votes

Why would the U.S. exclude Europe from the new Indo-Pacific security alliance?

-3 votes

Why were the lies of George Santos discovered only after the elections?