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41 votes

What are the requirements for receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

3 votes

Are the votes of members of Congress required to be made public?

2 votes

Why has Speaker Pelosi been so hesitant to impeach President Trump?

2 votes

What does Trump hope to achieve by calling the Swedish prime minister about ASAP Rocky?

7 votes

Am I obligated to answer a citizenship question on the U.S. census?

10 votes

Are US Congressional districts required to be connected?

1 vote

Why does the US Congress have two chambers?

11 votes

Why is it a bad idea to hire a hitman to eliminate most corrupt politicians?

29 votes

Why isn't the Mueller report being released completely and unredacted?

145 votes

Why do members of Congress in committee hearings ask witnesses the same question multiple times?

67 votes

Can a person refuse a presidential pardon?

11 votes

Why did Democrats in the Senate oppose the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (2019 S.130)?

14 votes

Does the US President have the legal authority to unilaterally close the country’s borders?

16 votes

Who pays for the President's campaign trips?

-4 votes

How long would it take to pay off the U.S. national debt if new deficits were eliminated?

130 votes

Why aren't Americans simply called "Americans"?

2 votes

Can an incoming President take power slightly earlier or later to avoid conflict with a Sabbath?

84 votes

Can members of the US Congress lie during debate without penalty?

99 votes

How much influence has Donald Trump had on current efforts to improve relations with North Korea?

0 votes

What powers does an individual member of the House of Representatives have?

11 votes

Could the Speaker of the House become president if they weren’t born in the USA?

1 vote

What roles does a state-level Secretary of State perform?

18 votes

How can a Senator be removed from office during a term for medical reasons?

-3 votes

What rationales were given for prohibiting Holocaust denial?

2 votes

Why do US House constituencies have numbers instead of names?

39 votes

When senators thank the chairman, what are they thanking him for?

78 votes

Why has Israel not expelled Russian diplomats in response to the Skripal poisoning?

8 votes

Can the US president pardon a non-US citizen?

1 vote

List of embassies closed in Damascus (Syria)

6 votes

Can non-US citizens join super-PACs or pay for attack ads in the US?