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I am a Co-Owner of an independently owned Architectural paint store. I have been in the paint business for 20 years. I am the IT guy, in which I ran all the cabling and set up the Win Server 2008 R2 box for the point of sale system and networked them to thin clients and connect via RDC. I am also the plumber, electrician, mechanic, or whatever the hell it takes hahaha. I have been building and repairing computers on the side, mostly as a hobby since 1995. I have been an avid gamer, mainly first-person shooters since 1996. Doom for Windows 95, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II to the Battlefield series, and COD series. I love science in all forms, I love reading and I love my Family. I am a BSOD Analyst Student and Administrator at I just recently upgraded the Win 2008 Server to a brand new Box with Win 2019 Server, Active Directory/Domain, and 3 new thin Clients. Installed SQL 2019 for the Point of Sale Database.

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