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27 votes

What happens if the President of the United States is deemed a risk to US national security?

24 votes

What's the justification behind having a minimum age for politicians that is higher than the minimum age for voters?

14 votes

Impeachment and Removal from Office

9 votes

When was the last time that 19 Republican senators cross-the-aisle with a unified Democratic party on anything not bipartisan?

8 votes

How is voting by expatriates justified?

8 votes

What is the process by which an already passed law can be altered by Congress?

7 votes

Why is the cloture rule question phrased in a way that Senators have to vote 'Nay' to trigger the 'nuclear option'?

6 votes

What incentive could Assad have to use chemical weapons?

4 votes

Is it an unfair advantage that the current Prime Minister decides when the election will be held?

2 votes

What does the term "White Privilege" mean?

-1 votes

Why don't governments recognize each other's gun permits?