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Is Libertarianism left wing or right wing?
14 votes

Semantic Drift makes political terms meaningless (or at least greatly diffuses their meaning) over time. This is especially true of -isms. For example, Thomas Jefferson was a Liberal and he would be ...

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Who are the 'establishment' in US Politics and what is their agenda?
4 votes

Since it can be used by both major parties as a criticism, one simple definition of “The Establishment” could be the union of the set of agenda items between each major party (the center region of a ...

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Can socialism and capitalism coexist in the same country?
2 votes

In "A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism", H.H. Hoppe outlines four flavors of blended capitalism and socialism, which are common throughout the world: Socialism Russian Style: Total state rule of ...

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What reasons are there for a Capitalist to oppose a 100% inheritance tax?
0 votes

I can entertain the overall sentiment, but this is a bizarre premise: ...which would help to ensure that people have worked for what they have and therefore have proven that they can use their ...

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