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50 votes

What do Libertarians mean when they say that ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), in the long run, leads to fewer people with disabilities employed?

44 votes

Is the Israeli "complete siege" on Gaza strip a war crime?

25 votes

Are there any major left-wing conspiracy theories in the USA?

13 votes

How can democracy not be the rule of the poor?

11 votes

Why can't the West just ban Russia from trade?

5 votes

Is Communism intrinsically authoritarian?

5 votes

Is there a country (apart from Israel) where all of its land neighboring countries consider it an enemy?

3 votes

Seen from Europe, why is there a hard separation between Republicans and Democrats in the US?

1 vote

Is there objective proof that recent bills (1st half of 2021) that restrict voting are targeting Democratic voters specifically?

0 votes

Have any governments attempted to provide dosing guidelines for illegal drugs?

-1 votes

What does the United States have to gain by opposing the invasion of Ukraine with words, when they won't back it up with military actions?