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38 votes

How did Russia retain the UNSC veto power of the Soviet Union?

26 votes

Purpose of the European Arrest Warrant

22 votes

Why didn't Western countries boycott the 2018 World Cup?

20 votes

Why is minimum wage not tied to the cost of living?

16 votes

Are NATO countries obliged to meet their 2% defence spending targets?

13 votes

Why does Germany seem to not favor EU energy independence (from Russia)?

11 votes

Can a Western democracy prevent private groups from using the country’s name/purporting to represent that country e.g. at the World Cup?

10 votes

Why doesn't Turkey trigger NATO article 5 in response to the Istanbul bombings?

8 votes

Can countries use cross-border rivers to pressure neighbouring countries?

7 votes

Why doesn't Israel withdraw from the territories occupied during the Six-Day War of 1967?

7 votes

Why do the Palestinians in Gaza not declare an independent state?

5 votes

Does "President" automatically imply that this person is also the guarantor of observance of the Constitution in the country?

4 votes

A Spanish judge has jailed two key members of the Catalan independence movement. Have others been ever accused and convicted for sedition?

4 votes

Why are there so many countries that apply interest rate caps/ceilings?

4 votes

Why is North Korea criticized for having Nuclear Weapons?

3 votes

Why does the EU limit its membership to countries in geographical Europe?

2 votes

What's will be like a viable and legal roadmap to Catalonian independence?

2 votes

Has politics always been so polarized?

1 vote

Why are both global overpopulation and low birth rates in developed countries considered a problem?

1 vote

What are plausible possible outcomes after the Catalan referendum?

1 vote

What is the position of the main Spanish Catalonia independence movements on French Catalonia?

1 vote

What is the answer of Coal and Steel / EU based security framework regarding Russia

1 vote

What are the diplomatic challenges and advantages associated with a state receiving de jure recognition compared to de facto recognition?

0 votes

Why is the US embargo such a problem for Cuba?

-1 votes

How do Spanish politicians reconcile pro-Palestinian stance with opposition to Catalan and Basque statehood?

-3 votes

What was the Rabin's offer to Mubarak regarding Gaza?

-9 votes

Why can't Russia stop Ukraine from joining NATO by signing a treaty with a friendly NATO state?