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10 votes

Do any countries have a procedure that allows a constituent part of that country to become independent unilaterally?

7 votes

Has any person or company ever become a sovereign state?

4 votes

Do any nations have in place formal mechanisms to "save in good years/spend in bad years"?

4 votes

Why are there no bomb-shelters in civilian homes in Gaza?

1 vote

Why do the Nordics have a low birth rate despite their government providing all parents with free childcare and parental leave?

0 votes

Why do the right claim that Hitler was left-wing?

0 votes

What evidence is there that the EU had a causative influence in the relative peace in Europe post WWII?

0 votes

What is the fundamental difference between whaling and hunting other animals?

-1 votes

What are the reasons for the rise in Euroscepticism over the last few years?

-2 votes

How does Capitalism facilitate happiness?

-3 votes

Why is there a need to prevent a racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted vendor from discriminating who they sell to?